It was Sunday, March 15 at 9:30 at night. We had just got home from a fun weekend trip celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Lake Of The Ozarks.

As soon as we walked in the door we stepped in standing water on the main floor of our house. We heard the sound of running water. The water was coming from a half bath. A supply line below the sink had ruptured.

One third of our main floor had standing water. The basement had water raining down from above. The storeroom had water everywhere. A finished downstairs living room was partially flooded.

We called our insurance company. They immediately dispatched ServPro to begin the cleanup. They brought lots of equipment. We lived in the house while the giant fans and dehumidifiers and specialty equipment ran round the clock for the next 7 days.

The insurance adjuster submitted a claim of nearly ten thousand dollars. Our deductible was $1,000. It took months for the damage to be completely repaired.

In addition to the financial aspect, it was a difficult experience having the stress of dealing with the mess, the cleanup, the insurance company, and the repairs for an extended period of time.