About Us

I am Bob Pritchard. My wife Chris and I founded this company out of my passion to prevent water damage to homes and businesses.

Over the past several years we have had multiple water incidents in our properties. Two in our home, one in our vacation property, and two in rental properties. We filed insurance claims for three of the incidents with total damages of nearly $45,000.

The first two incidents were in our home, just under two years apart. We filed insurance claims for those two incidents totaling over $25,000 in damages. After the second incident our insurance company dropped us. As a result, for the next two years we had “high-risk” (expensive) insurance on our home.

The next incident happened a few years later at our out-of-state vacation property. We filed a claim with damages of more than $20,000.  After the settlement that insurance company dropped us as well.

I can tell you from personal experience that it is stressful, messy, expensive, and time-consuming to deal with a water leak event.

I went to college for engineering and  have a BS in Computer Science. In 2021 I started researching solutions to prevent the water damage that we had experienced. Through research, trial-and-error and testing lots of different types and brands of water sensors and valves, I found the right equipment and used my computer background to solve the problem in my home.

I now have water leak alert systems in my home, vacation home, and our rental properties. With our systems, if there is a leak two things happen within 30 seconds. First, I am notified via an alert on my phone, and a text message, and an email. But more importantly, the system automatically shuts off the water to the property. What could be a catastrophic event now turns into a few drops of water.

Preventing water disasters has become my passion. I am making it my mission to help others protect their property as well.  That’s why we created this company.